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Peace of Mind Animal Care Services...
Not your ordinary pet sitting service

Peace of Mind Animal Care Services was a dream I had since 1997. After graduating UMASS Amherst in 1995, I was volunteering at a humane society in Denver, working as a veterinary technician and creating in my mind, an exceptional pet care company. It took me many years to finally achieve my dream of having a successful pet sitting business but it all came together in 2005.

During the 7 years between the time I dreamt up my current business and 2005, I held positions as a veterinary technician for domestic and exotic pets (CO, MA, NH and NYC); the shelter manager for the Humane Society of Greater Nashua (NH), and was the Director of Sales for a financial and a healthcare staffing firm.

My volunteer work includes positions with Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS), Denver Dumb Friends League, and with Share A Pet, pet assisted therapy

Peace of Mind Animal Care allows me to bring my background as a professional accompanied with my extensive animal care training to people who treat their pets as family.

Caring for animals has been my life since I was a child. I rescued pets off the streets starting at age 8, when I brought an Afghan hound (of all dogs!) who was “lost” to school with me. No leash, just a calm voice got her to follow me. I knew right then, this was what I was meant to do with my life. Even today, I find the lost, the hurt and the abandoned animals in town at least once a week and get them to a safe place.  Currently, I share my home (my bed, my couch, my everything!) with human family and  3 rescued dogs, 1 rescued cat and a rescued horse ….and they are my family.

Expertise in caring for other people’s pets combined with the genuine passion I have, has provided my clients with peace of mind when they are away from home. I will always go above and beyond for the pets in order to ensure that they are comfortable and maintain continuity with their home routines.  Many of my clients include senior pets, those on medications, diabetics and pets with fluid therapy needs. I know how much it means to a client to know their pets with special needs are cared for while they are away. It is a pleasure to see a happy pet and a happy owner when my assignment in complete.

 I have met some amazing animals and owners through my business. Each pet has such a  unique personality and place in my heart, it makes my job extremely enjoyable. I look forward to meeting your pets and you!

Warm Regards,

Heidi Hill
Member EARS, PSI


“Heidi is worth every penny. She cared for Bubba and Rocky every day for 8 months. Since we have moved, we realize we were spoiled by her professionalism, reliability and overall kindness. If we could have her flown to Atlanta every day to care for our dogs we would. Nobody we have found in GA has even compared to her. We miss her terribly!”
Bubba, Rocky and our Dad… Joe (Delray Beach)
“You are as your business name says- “Peace of Mind” is EXACTLY how we felt”
Angel and her parents Nancy and Steve (Delray Beach)
Dear Heidi,
I want to thank you again for taking great care of my babies, Marco and Peri. I know what a challenge it was and I do appreciate your patience and understanding with them. You're great! We wish you all the best success in your new home and business!
Marco, Peri and their Mom…Marybeth (Delray Beach)