General Services

Dog Walks. We will come to your house, apartment or hotel room and take your furry, or not so furry, dog out for a nice long walk. Our visits guarantee 20 minutes of pure dog attention. Depending on your needs, dog walks can vary between once a day to four times a day. Fresh water and fresh food, as well as plenty of attention, are guaranteed.

We will come to your house, apartment or even hotel room to spend quality time with your cat. Fresh water and fresh food, a clean litter box as well as plenty of attention are guaranteed. We will also give any medications or subcutaneous fluids as needed.

We do offer overnight visits. A night walk, or two, dinner, fresh water and of course cuddle time is guaranteed before breakfast time and morning walk. This service is an all inclusive, not only taking care of your loved pets but also the house. Less chance of a break in if the home appears occupied.

We offer pet taxi service. We will gladly pick up your pet from your house, apartment, or hotel room and drive them to wherever they need to go such as the Vets office, doggy or kitty daycare, or grooming.*

*within our service boundaries.

Some of Our Happy Clients!