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Our Services

Peace of Mind Animal Care Services Inc., professional sitters provide a variety of services to you and your pet. We will ensure that all your routines remain in place and your pet experiences will be positive, fun and stress free.

  • ** Now serving Palm Beach County Dog/Cat Friendly Hotels! ** 

Service Areas Include:

  • • Highland Beach
  • • Boca Raton
  • • Delray Beach
  • • Boynton Beach
  • • Gulfstream
  • • Ocean Ridge
  • • Hypoluxo
  • • East Parkland
  • • Lake Worth


Our Services Include:

  • Daily Dog Walks and Exercise -- At Home or your hotel  

Don’t feel guilty leaving your dog at home while you work those long hours! Have us come and play, exercise and love your best friend to break up his/her day! You will come home to a mellow, relaxed and less anxious pooch.    

Packages Available for Daily Dog Walks!

  • Dog/Cat/Bird/Fish  Pet Sitting----24 Hour Care

Whether you are going on a much needed vacation or may have to travel for one night, we will be happy to visit your pet throughout that 24 hour period. We make our visit schedule based on your pet’s needs and routine. Each visit starts at 30 minutes. All feeding, care and medication administration is included in the price of your per visit fee, We will be happy to keep our eye on your property as well at no additional charge! What a deal!

  • Medication Administration         

We will gently administer any oral or topical medication your pet may need at the time of our visit- free of charge.

  • Fluid Therapy (for additional charge)

Some of our sitters are trained to administer subcutaneous fluids to help re-hydrate cats and dogs that are diagnosed with kidney disease.

  • Senior Pet Specialty Services

Senior pets hold a special place in the hearts of Peace of Mind Animal Care sitters.  We will make them especially comfortable during our time with them.  Whether it is a gentle massage, some time in the sunshine or a guiding hand as they cope with their aging process…we will be there to make sure they are safe and relaxed.

  • Pet Taxi

PMACS sitters can transport your pet to any appointment they may have for a day of beauty at the groomer or a check up at the veterinarian. We will also be happy to pick up and drop off dogs at their dog daycare/boarding facilities.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Availability (owner hospitalizations, unexpected travel, illness, etc.)

PMACS has 24 hour cell phone access for clients to call in the event they go into labor, have an extreme travel emergency, become ill and unable to care for their pets properly, etc. Current clients only may utilize this service through PMACS.     

  • RUN FETCH Peace of Mind’s errand running service for you and your pet’s needs

We will gather pet supplies, medications or sit at the vet or the groomer while you pets get care.

All of our services start at *$19/visit. We do offer weekly packages for our dog walking services, assisting those owners with hectic schedules and long hours.


  • All visits will consist of ½ hour minimum of care, love, attention, exercise, feeding, watering and cleaning pets supplies.

  • Payment is due at the time of the 1st visit for your requested dates. Weekly services are paid on Mondays.

  • Monthly Packages are available for daily care ( 20 visits per month minimum)

  • No need of services upon arrival of PMACS sitter is considered a cancellation. Regular charges will be applied.

  • Less than 24hr notice for a cancellation of services is a $30 fee.

  • Cancellations within 72 hours of start of services there is no charge.

  • Key/gate access pick up and or return AFTER Consultation there will be an additional $10 fee

  • We gladly work holidays if space is available during these busier times. Book early in order for us to accomodate you and your pets. Holiday Fees are for the following days and will be charged one time on these dates at the additional rate of $20 per day:

    • Christmas EVE and Christmas DAY
    • New Years EVE and New Years DAY
    • Thanksgiving DAY
    • Labor DAY
    • Memorial DAY
    • Easter DAY
    • Rosh Hashanah First and Second DAY
    • Yom Kippur DAY
    • July 4th DAY

Booking services in advance is appreciated. We do limit our daily services in order to ensure the highest level of care for our client’s pets.  We take requests up to 9 months in advance for holidays.

*Prices Subject to Change due to requirements, location and gas prices
** Multiple Animal households pricing will be determined by PMACS owner and based on time needed to care for each animal properly per visit